Private Dentopia Oral and Dental Health Centers The group is 4 in total, with 2 in the European side and 2 in the Anatolian side. The centers are Oral and Dental Health Centers. The airport is located 10-15 minutes away from the airport by location. You can send your x-rays to us with the "send x-ray" link, we will plan your treatment, treatment and price information for a maximum of 1 week by evaluating your x-rays and requests. When you confirm your schedule you will be scheduled and your airline ticket will be booked. Your team is welcomed at the airport and placed in the hotel where we are in agreement. You will receive safe and quality treatment from our institutions by carrying out your entire program within the pre-specified conditions.

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Send x-rays

Whatsapp +90 (530) 156-66-90 is

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