Recent Developments in Dental Implants

Now, as many people know, the most natural and functional solution for tooth deficiencies is providing dental implants. With the development of technology and techniques, implant operations have become much easier now, and the concept of "Painless Implant" has gradually become reality. Implant systems can facilitate implantation of a laser-assisted implant without the need for sutures anymore, facilitating physician work, improving imaging techniques, optimizing the efficacy of the drugs used.

At the beginning of our patients' worries about implants is how long the operation will last and whether or not it will be painful. Under normal conditions, an implant operation can last from 5 minutes to 1 hour gore for the number of implants. While we do not stitch a single implant in 5 minutes, 12 implants take about 1-1.5 hours in all mouth cases we apply at the same time. In some cases, the patient can get to the dentition at the same time during the operation.

There is absolutely no pain during implant operations. Even after the development of techniques, there was a great deal of pain at the risk of having pain afterwards. Since many operations are now laser assisted, the problem of bleeding is also considerably reduced. Our patients should be confident of implant treatment and know that there will be no problems in the right hands.

Every healthy, over 18 year old individual can be implanted if the bone level is sufficient. In this regard, the bone must be examined with various imaging techniques and the bone fillings at the points where the bone is problematic may come into question. Any patient who has lost his teeth should immediately apply to an expert who is experienced in implant. Because as long as the jawbone melts, it makes the implant applications difficult. Therefore, our patients should be afraid of being "late" as they are in every branch of medicine, not the implant.