Disability Dental Treatment

It is more difficult for children and adults who need special care to pay attention to oral hygiene and to protect their oral and dental health. This negatively affects oral hygiene and causes illness to occur more quickly in the mouth. At the same time, these diseases affect the general health of the children and adults who need special care in the negative. It is therefore important to improve their oral and dental health. It is important for disabled people to have a clinical setting with special equipment for dental treatment so that both the patient's well being and treatment services can be presented at their best. The dentist's chair, where our disabled patients will be treated, is designed to enable our patient to comfortably sit on the chair. The fact that the patient's seat has moving and necessary features allows the patient to comfortably sit on the seat and feel safe without further processing. So the treatment is completed in a short time and our patient experiences much less stress.

At the same time, Special ramps for wheelchair users, large elevators in the building and special regulations inside the WC are aimed to meet all the needs of the patient with ease. Depending on the mental status of your disabled patients, the treatment is performed under general anesthesia or conscious sedation. These treatments are performed under the control of our anesthesiologist, in our operating room with full equipment.

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